Refer a Friend

It has always been our belief that the most effective use of our time as financial professionals is servicing our clients. Our clients are always our first priority, and we believe that focusing on helping them pursue their financial goals is the key to building the foundation for a strong relationship.

Because of the nature of our commitment to our existing clients, and in an effort to maintain the integrity of our practice, we do not spend, nor do we want to spend, time actively marketing our services to the general public. Consequently, the task of attracting new, high-caliber, like-minded investors who can benefit from our services continues to be a challenge.

It is the nature of our business that most new clients enter our office as referrals from existing clients—clients who have benefited from and enjoyed the experience of working with us. We find that our clients tend to refer individuals who are like themselves: kind, good people who are serious about making smart decisions concerning their financial future. We, in turn, find it a pleasure to work with these individuals.

If you are pleased with your experience with us, we would kindly ask that you mention our name to any friends or family members who you think would be a good fit with our practice. We are looking for individuals who are searching for a trusted relationship with a financial professional; who are looking for long-term financial guidance, not shortcuts and the next hot trend in the financial world; and who are genuinely nice.